Canton Zug: Space for visions and horses
CHF 2´800´000
Detached house
Rooms: 6.5
living area: 172 sqm
storage of hay and straw 110 sqm
horse boxes and pasture 596 sqm
Land area: 13,163 sqm

If you've lost your heart to horses, you'll love this family home with 6.5 rooms and a dozen horse boxes! The property is located adjacent to a large equestrian center, which, with its excellent infrastructure, is one of the best-equipped in Switzerland and offers everything for professional equestrian sports.

The property is located in the canton of Zug, directly adjacent to the canton of Zurich. By car, it takes about 12 minutes to Zug, about 28 minutes to Zurich main station and about 35 minutes to the airport Zurich-Kloten.

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