8824 Schönenberg: Provençal charm
on request
Rooms: 9
Area: 600 sqm
Land area: 5853 sqm

Southern French charm meets Swiss quality: The spacious, quiet property combines the best of both worlds. High above Lake Zurich, you will live the life of Riley. If you pass the wrought-iron gate, you feel the elegance and style blending into a successful whole. Unsurpassed. The 9-room villa was built in 2004 and proudly joins a very generous terrain; its majestic façade is reminiscent of Renaissance French mansions. Violet lavender shrubs, rose trees and cobblestones underline the Provençal style. Villa Solitaire is a perfect home for a well-off extended family and/or for representative and lavish guest receptions. Enjoy Provençal savoir vivre, just 20 minutes drive from the vibrant Paradeplatz.

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