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You love houses and gardens as much as a chef loves salt and pepper? You are dreaming about living in a luxurious villa on the lakefront? Or in an exclusive castle-like mansion? Or in a large country house in rolling parkland? We take all the time in the world to give advice and to help you find an exquisite property. We support you wherever and whenever we can. Because of our broad experience and our total dedication, you will soon spend your evenings sitting in front of your fireplace or lingering around in your garden. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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Real estate agent in Zurich
Purchasing real estate in Switzerland
Are you looking for an enchanted castle with a thousand chambers? Or do you prefer a minimalist, ultramodern cube with all the bits and pieces? You are unique, our properties are unique. They have only one thing in common: They are luxurious, exclusive, unrivalled. And remember: If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. A targeted search will surely lead to your dream property.
Real estate agent in St. Moritz
Purchasing real estate abroad
Are you planning to acquire a leisure residence abroad? Since this is the true luxury: You depart for the most beautiful time of the year and you know that everything is exactly what you want it to be. Everything is exactly the way you like it to be. You feel at home wherever you are, even on holidays. Have a look at what we are offering. Up and away!
Real estate agent in Kilchberg
Relocation service
Are you moving to Switzerland and do you want to rely on one contact person? One contact person that finds you an appropriate residential home, that is responsible for a troublefree removal, that knows the best school for your children? Of course, we also tell you, where you can attend ballett classes or reveal the location of the next riding-stable, the renowned hairdresser and the high-end boutique. We help you organise your removal and your new life in Switzerland.
Real estate agent in Rüschlikon
Holiday homes
If Club Med is not your cup of tea, then we can help you find luxurious, high-qualitity, tasteful holiday homes. Where attention is paid to every detail. Where every single dream comes true. Contact us – we speak the language of our customers.

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